Installation Systems: Canadian Solid Maple Hardwood Flooring Types



Laminate is a Cost-effective


Laminate is a master of disguise. It can look like almost any other style of flooring. Because it is made from less costly material, you can get expensive looks for a lot less money.

With the latest breakthroughs in printing technology, you can find an extremely convincing laminate substitute for many different floor types.

If you have an active household, laminate will fit right in. It is designed to be durable and withstand a ton of foot traffic. It is highly resilient and will last for years. Laminate floors are very resistant to wear, fading and stains. Most are sold with a warranty to back that up.

Another benefit is the ease of installation. If you like to handle home projects on your own, laminate is a favorite among do-it-yourselfers. You can find glue-less installation options as well as self-locking laminate that can be installed on most subfloor types.



MOHACO provides and install a vast number of hardwood wood flooring systems especially Maple hardwood courts to meet each customer's specific hardwood basketball court demands.

If you are building a new facility or retrofitting an existing one in Angola or any of those surrounding countries, and you want to install a hardwood basketball court, we have a system that will meet your specific needs.

Our experienced staff can help you customize the hardwood floor of your choice. By incorporating different grades of maple or by combining different subfloor systems, we can enhance safety and performance in the on-court areas, while economizing in the off- court areas to reduce the overall expense of the entire hardwood court project.

Installation Systems: Maple Sports Flooring



Tru-Maple Sports

MOHACO’s expert staff has been in business as installers for Allied Products which offer the most popular maple floor systems used in the industry for basketball, aerobics and multipurpose use.

These floor systems are the most widely used because they are designed to maximize performance, stability, longevity and safety with cost effectiveness.

Applications: Basketball, Aerobics & Multipurpose Use

Tru-Maple Cush

This resilient floating floor system combines the AirtechTM natural rubber pads, (or PVC pads), attached to the Tru-Maple CushTM sleepers with the strength of solid T&G maple flooring strips to create a high-profile cushioned system.

This floor system floats on the slab to create excellent shock absorption along with great airflow. The Tru-Maple CushTM is an excellent choice for racquetball and squash courts.

Canadian Solid Maple Hardwood Flooring Types – Installation Systems

Wood Flex Clip System


Solid Hardwood Flooring is pre-finished tongue and groove planking. The wood surface is 7/8′′ of solid hardwood, allowing it to be sanded and refinished a number of times. Boards are 5′′ by either 6 or 12 feet in length.

Installation Clips are manufactured of tempered spring steel. While not only holding the boards together, the steel clips also allow the boards to deflect along the tongue and groove joint upon impact and subsequently snap back into place, allowing for ideal shock absorption for the athlete.