Outdoor Flooring: Canadian Maple Flooring for Decking

MOHACO’s real double glued down hardwood floor suitable

for outdoor application. It integrates a number of patented technologies in the field of two-layer wood flooring.

The board surface features longitudinal grooves that not only enhance the stability of the product but also ensure excellent non-slip performance in case of wet flooring.

Teak Exterior Wood Flooring

Is the most commonly associated hardwood for exterior wood flooring areas, thanks to traditional decks being made of this material. All of that said, teak is taking second place today to many of the alternative solutions that are available today.

Teak Exterior Wood Flooring

An African exterior wood floor solution, MOHACO has a highly irregular grain and a coarse texture. Getting more attractive as it gets older, this exterior wood flooring solution is perfect if you’re looking for an option that’s full of charm. It’s tough and resistant to harm from moisture, this option will stay looking good for a very long time. Here are the Iroko timbers that we have in stock at this moment in time.

Exterior Deck Wood Flooring

MOHACO Decking is used in various forms, both for outdoor and indoor environments

  • Installation requires frames / frames for irrigation and drainage.

  • Surfaces help prevent water / moisture from slipping.

  • MOHACO Deck flooring is resistant to sunlight and moisture, damage from deformation, rust, rot and fungi.

  • MOHACO Decking is the perfect flooring for your dream home, stylish and durable meeting all expectations. Perfect for a garden / veranda update.

Specs of Outdoor Flooring Deck - Outdoor flooring,

Imported form VEKO - Iroko timber for decking floors.